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Would you like to make your existing professional flooring business bigger and more successful? …of course you do! well read on for a real “no brainer” opportunity and see if you are elibible to join our affiliate program…

The Keys to Success

After developing a network of independent professional floor sanding contractors in Ireland, we launched a pilot affiliate program in Leeds in the run up to Christmas 2011. This was a very successful business, with our affiliate in Cambridge greatly expanding his original business, into the floor sanding industry. Since 2012 we have expanded the affiliate program and have affiliates in place in many parts of the UK. We are now looking for like-minded business people, who would like to build on their existing business.

The affiliate program has been designed to make your journey into the floor sanding industry both simple and cost neutral.

What do I mean by cost neutral?

Well what do you imagine the cost of the following would be?

1)      A UK website, based on the Google number one ranked site in Ireland. (this has taken thousands of pounds to achieve in Ireland)

2)      Advertising and marketing material proven to work in our industry. (Representing 6 years continual development and investment)

3)      Online pay per click advertising for the site such as Google & Facebook.

4)      Access to not one, but two, industry experts who have gathered technical information over many years.

5)      A unique private (password protected) affiliate purchasing website, selling top quality products at discounted margins. (Our pricing could save you thousands over the course of a year vs other trade suppliers)

6)      A designated and agreed territory in which we guarantee not place another affiliate member.

7)      Optional Vehicle branding materials showing your affiliation to the worlds’ only multi national floor sanding company.

8)      The ability to offer our unique 5 point guarantee with peace of mind (remember you have a genuine and honest manufacturer behind you!)

9)      Immediate entry to the Pallmann Parkett Profi contractor scheme.

10)    Favorable purchase and leasing rates on floor sanding equipment.

11)  The chance to be part of a brand that strives to be at the forefront of every industry innovation

12) What we are offering as a total support package, is the result of years of development, even the marketing elements alone could take you hours, days or even weeks to achieve yourself.


So if we took one and two alone… how much would it cost? Or rather how much would you be prepared to pay? Would it cost £200, £300 or more, per month? In which case it has got to be worth £75 a month, hasn’t it?

So for just £75 per month marketing spend, you will have access to all the above, but how do you know where the marketing budget is being spent or even that it is being spent?  Simple -every month you will receive a statement detailing where the marketing income was spent, (remember this is largely to fund focused PPC marketing to drive traffic and as a result enquiries to you).

We will use ALL of your monthly affiliate membership fees – on the affiliate network, absolutely nothing (zero! nada! zip!) is pocketed by the Ultimate Floor Sanding Company!!! How good is that value???

See what Charles – our affiliate in Portsmouth thinks of the affiliate program

Why are we building our affiliate program?

In effect, we are giving you access to a “buying club” where you get marketing, branding, technical expertise and preferential product pricing all at cost only! Quite simply this is MASSIVE value… – So this sounds great, but what is “in it” for the Ultimate Floor Sanding Company?

Obviously we are not a charity! However, we are prepared to invest our time and money to provide these benefits to our affiliates for 2 reasons:

1. We will make some margin on product sales and any required initial training (we have had some existing floor sanding professional contractors join with us to add our network to their brand and to rule out future competition from a new affiliate in their part o the country).

2. This affiliate program will quickly establish our brand in the UK. In other words this is a long term development strategy for us, not a quick buck scheme – we want you to be successful so that we can be successful.

This offer is limited – as we have said already, we are not a charity, so we will only be offering this full affiliate membership package at this price, for only a few more affiliates. Later members to the program will be expected to pay a little more than “cost” to gain access to this “buying club” – after all we have to make money out of this, at some stage!

One word of warning We do have one “catch” to joining our network – we only accept professional minded contractors, who will have to live up to the “Ultimate Floor Sanding Customer Guarantee” – if you are not quality minded and prepared to give outstanding customer service, then this will not be for you… But if you are quality conscious (you will know if you are…) and you are interested, (and why on earth would you not be!) in this opportunity contact me now!

Terry Guilford

Call: 03300 272324


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Here are some parting words from our affiliate in Cambridge…

Interested in seeing some of our affiliates at work? Click HERE for a compilation of videos of work undertaken by affiliates around the UK…

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