When the floor sanding team from Rolin Cleaning Services attended a property in Sevenoaks, Kent to sand and finish an oak kitchen floor and hallway, the project did not go exactly according to plan. It’s in situations like this, when the unexpected happens, that the benefits of the brand and being part of the largest network of floor sanding professionals in the UK is so important for our affiliates and their customers.

The Project in Sevenoaks

The oak floor in the kitchen was not looking its best, with greasy spillages in front of the stove and dirty flooring in front of the sink unit. The floor also a very old, damp patch that had been left on the floor, with a black mark near the back door

The team started by carrying out moisture tests using the MMS2 machine, a very important part of the process, particularly where there is a history of damp. They then started sanding the floor in the kitchen. Having sanded three-quarters of the surface with 60 grit, the Pallmann Spider floor sanding machine stopped working. This is most unusual as they are the most state of the art floor sanding machines available in the UK.  The team did the usual checks, they went through the steps of checking fuses, plug, sockets, RCD, etc… but to no avail.  It was at this point that the added benefit of being part of a large network came into its own.

How we managed the problem.

The team was able to place a quick call to Stuart at Pallmann, who told them where the nearest recommended repair center was, it happened to be 10 miles away. They drove down there and left the machine in for repair and Stuart arranged to meet them later that day with a temporary replacement Spider floor sanding machine.

They also arranged an order of a spare mains-lead through the Ultimate Floor Sanding Company, who are official distributors of Pallmann products in the UK. It’s always good to carry have a spare!

Late afternoon the same day the team received a call from Delta Tools in South Croydon to confirm that the machine was ready for collection – such great service! It turned out to be a break in the lead and the Spider was all ok!!

The Result

We continued next day and finished the job leaving a great looking oiled floor and a happy and understanding customer!!

It’s when problems like this arise, as they inevitably do in a service business, that the benefits of the brand and being part of a larger organization comes into its own. We were able to get the best help, quickly and resolve the issue with minimum disruption to the customer.

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