Back in May this year Adrian Cunnington of Floor Blimey! Joined 8 friends who took it upon themselves to cycle from Bristol to Paris to raise money for the British Heart Foundation and Off The Record, a Bristol based mental health charity for kids.

They set off from Downend in Bristol at the beginning of the hottest week of the year and began 5 days of what Adrian describes as one of his toughest challenges to date. Not being a regular cyclist – Adrian is more the type to jump out of bed on a whim and do 80 miles off the cuff than steadily train, he found it extremely hard but of course incredibly worthwhile.

On the first day despite intending to road ride, the ‘bike’ sat went wrong so the team ended up riding across grass and cycle paths alongside beautiful canals and picturesque scenery. This was of course really tough but enjoyable and the swans enjoyed tagging along in the water too. A very good day in all and they finished up after 80 miles at a cheap yet cheerful youth hostel and enjoyed their evening BBQ.

Day 2 was a complete contrast and took them around the bottom of London where they followed the M25 to a distance of 90 miles.

Day 3 was ferry day and saw them arrive at Dover in 23-degree heat. But the respite of the boat was brief and when they arrived in France the temperature had reached an almost unbearable 37 degrees. As Adrian described it- “it was like riding through an oven and you had to mentally detach yourself from your body and use it as a tool to keep going. “ no wonder he credits it as being the toughest day of his life.

Day 4 was Thank fully much cooler and the road relatively flat so the group rode easily through the beautiful French countryside.

Day 5. The last day and a 60-mile ride into Paris. Another tough day but made easier by the knowledge that the end was in sight. They’d overcome the biggest challenges of the journey as a team and now the big arrival!

But it wasn’t as easy as they’d envisaged. Unfortunately, none of them had really thought about the logistics of getting through Paris traffic.  And whilst friends and family watched the live feed of their arrival on social media the team – after careful negotiation – came to the conclusion that the best way forward was to just head into the traffic!  But all was well and they arrived at the Eiffel tower in one piece, well 7, – elated and proud.

The boys got plenty of congratulations, likes and love from their social media audience, made a few calls to loved ones and took loads of photos before heading back to their hostel for a night a great food and beer. Propped up greatly by Adrian the only French speaking member of the team- another reason to be chuffed!

All in all. it was a great experience and they managed to raise nearly £4000 for the chosen charities.

A big thanks to all that supported including The Ultimate Floor Sanding Company who made it possible by sponsoring accommodation and kit.

Bring on Mount Kilimanjaro for next year!……The British Heart Foundation and  Off the Record are always looking for fundraisers click the links to see how you can help.

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