Citrus Floor Care helps a Luxury Rental Cottage Transform Their Oak Wood Floors on Time and Budget.

Citrus Floor Care Oak Floor Restoration


When to use a commercial lacquer in a domestic property?

Linda and Brian at Lady Nina’s Cottages in Glenrothes Scotland run a high-end holiday cottage with an engineered Oak Wood Floor that was in need of attention.

The transformation achieved using Pallmann Dust-Free Sanding Equipment and methods are illustrated in the before and after photos below 


Work Requirement:

An engineered oak wood floor sanding of a 14-year-old floor in a luxury holiday rental cottage in Glenrothes Scotland. The decision to use Pall-X 98 Gold commercial lacquer was influenced by the high volume of traffic experienced on the property and the fact that guests walk out of the hot tub which is situated on the patio while still dripping wet straight on the oak floors.

It was felt that the higher polymer content of the commercial lacquer would give the floors a greater level of protection and longevity, usually reserved for dance floors and commercial floors.


Work Activity:

The floor was in good condition generally – we used the Pallmann Spider to carry out the sanding of the floor and Rotex for the edging work
we sanded the floors including edges, using  24, 40, 60, and 80. 100, grit sanding discs with the state-of-the-art Pallmann Dust-Free Sanding system.

Having used the 8o grit pads we water pop the floors to check for any machine makes and remove them. then using the dust from the 80 grit sanding we mix it with Pallmann Allkit filler and filled the floor. After the filler had dried we again sanded the floors with 80 grit pads and continue the process moving up the grades of sandpaper to give you that perfect finish.

 We finally water pop the floor to open the grain, and did our final checks before applying the Pallmann primer, we then apply two coats of Pallmann 98 Gold lacquer leaving it to cure before denibbing the floor with 120 grit multi-hole, before applying the final coat of lacquer.



Our Client was able to re-let the cottage for the weekend as planned, being pleasantly surprised by the lack of dust created.

We have been asked to provide a quote for the restoration of their Amtico floors at another property and as a result of them sharing the before and after to their thousands of followers on Facebook they are confident that additional floor sanding work will follow


I received a text message from the client which read “Just wanted to say what an absolutely fantastic job you have done. The difference in the floor is just amazing and we can’t thank you enough. Even working late last night to get it finished for us, we are really grateful. Thank you again, Linda and Brian X”