Adrian Cunnington, the Ultimate Floor Sanding Company provider in Bristol recently undertook an interesting commercial floor sanding project, involving the restoration of a very popular dance hall floor in Bristol.  The maple floor was over 40 years old, which meant that as well leaving a smooth as silk finish that looked stunning, Adrian and his team has to professionally sand a floor that had already been sanded on numerous occasions –  without taking off the veneer.  Find out more about how Adrian and his team managed this commercial floor sanding project and see how the dance floor restoration looked in the end!

Dance Floor Restoration – Adrian’s Story

The owner of the dancehall floor was keen to keep the custom of the numerous dancing enthusiasts who use the facility on a nightly basis. It was therefore important that the floor not only looked great but was smooth as silk to make some dance moves possible!

One of the key elements of this dance hall floor restoration project was that we needed to provide a long-lasting coating system because the floor is 40 years old and had been sanded several times before. The issue here is that if a dance floor like this is sanded too many times the veneer will be lost and the floor will need to be replaced.

Using the Ultimate Floor Sanding dust free floor sanding system, we then applied a base coat, followed by three coats of our strongest lacquer, making sure we lightly sanded in between coats to leave a smooth finish suitable for dancing on. I think you’ll agree the results are simply stunning.

Dance floor restoration – Video

Follow the full dance floor restoration project as it unfolds in this video.

This article was written by Adrian Cunnington, one of our expert floor sanding contractors.

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