Let there be light!

Rolin Cleaning Services helps a family remodel an Oak Wood Floor in a basement bedroom.

Work Requirement:

An engineered wood floor sanding of an eight-year-old floor in a basement of a house that is used as a bedroom before decorating the room and to make the finish as light as possible because of the limited light in the room which was an absolute priority.

Work Activity:

The floor was in good condition generally – we used the Pallmann Spider to carry out the sanding of the floor and Rotex for the edging work
Once all of the sanding was completed, we asked the client to take a look at the now lighter oak floor of which she was delighted
We had discussed using Pallmann Pure, a two-part product which would leave the wood floor looking the same colour as the finish that we now had after sanding
We applied one coat of Pallmann 325 primer, and after the required drying period, we then applied two coats of Pure to give the desired finish with a semi-gloss finish.


A maintenance program has been set up with the client, a complimentary Pallmann Clean and Go mopping system and neutral cleaner was given to the client to use, and we have been asked to provide a quote for the restoration of the ground floor wood floor.


I received a message from the client to say that both she and her husband were delighted with the professionalism we had shown and the way the floor had been restored to their requirements.

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