Floor restoration after dog urine damage

When a client got in touch with Mike Dennick of Cornwall Floor Care to ask about restoring their wooden floor, they seemed pretty sure their floor couldn’t be saved due to the damage it had sustained.

Unfortunately, the family’s dog was unwell and had accidents all over the carpet, when the family pulled up the carpet they revealed just how bad the damage to the wooden flooring was.

Floor restoration after dog urine before

Mike got to work sanding the floor with his Pallmann Spider 100% dust-free sander and soon the wood floor was looking in a much more presentable condition. Mike then went on to finish the floor with Pallmann Magic Oil.

The wooden floor has been restored to its former glory ensuring the dog didn’t spoil the day.

Floor restoration after dog urine processFloor restoration after dog urine floor sandedFloor restoration after dog urine floras finished with oil