From the moment your new floor is installed or freshly restored the gradual wear and tear of general family life and foot traffic begins to work away on your beautiful floor finishes. That’s why it’s important to have a good floor maintenance regime in place and to use the best method of aftercare for your floors. Your local Ultimate Floor Sanding expert can advise you on a recommended maintenance regime. They will make sure to share their valuable knowledge on the best, quickest and easiest methods to look after your floors, this helps keep their floors looking beautiful for longer and saves valuable time and money on potentially expensive replacement, or heavy duty maintenance work!

Oak Floor Repair – Hotel Dance Floor

Unfortunately, even with the best care and maintenance routine in place sometimes the need for some emergency repairs to be carried out will arise. Our Ultimate Floor Sanding Company expert in Darlington – Absolutely Floor Restore – were recently called out to a local hotel that had experienced a terrible event at one of their functions that required our floor restoration expertise and also an urgent fix, which we were able to accommodate.

The hotel operator explained that a patron had broken a glass on their packed oak dance floor. Unfortunately, the staff hadn’t been notified by anyone, so the small particles of glass were pounded and ground into their dance floor leaving it scratched and marked and looking rather the worse for wear The manager was pretty upset as you could imagine! To add to the stress of the situation there was a wedding function booked in for the next day at lunch time!

The team at Absolutely Floor Restore went into action over the bank holiday weekend to help get the dance floor back to a reasonable state of repair. The goal being that the damage didn’t impact too much on their lovely surroundings, which were so important to the bride and groom.

Using our expertise and experience Absolutely Floor Restore were able to reduce the visual impact of the deep damage and scratches to the oak timber surface. Using specialist equipment, cleaning and staining agents they accomplished a very good result, in a tight time frame and within a reasonable budget for the hotel operators. The result? A happy customer and a happy bride and groom.

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Mike Tinkler is the owner of Absolutely Floor Restore in Darlington. Check out their listing.