Work Requirement 

The Rolin Group were asked if noise insulation could be installed under some original pine floorboards in the top floor bedroom. Walking around could be heard downstairs and television noise could be heard upstairs in the bedroom.

Work Activity

We began by lifting and taking away the old carpet and gripper rods. They were left there after inspection by us until the day we were going to begin the restoration. Each pine floorboard was carefully lifted. We only had to remove a third of the boards on each side. We could slide the insulation through the middle to the other end. It was measured and cut each time for a good fit.

After the whole floor had been insulated, we then began the process of replacing the pine boards using new headless nails.  Ensuring each one was sunk into the wooden boards before starting the sanding process.

The Pallmann Spider was the machine we decided to use. We started with  40 grit discs – the machine had to endure uneven flooring but it was still effective. The edges were sanded using the Pallmann Gecko edger – the edges were interesting to sand because sections along the skirtings had a black substance on them. Possibly bitumen which was very difficult to get off indeed!!

After sanding the floorboards from 40 grit to 80 grit which got a lot easier as the sanding progressed the floor was looking really good. At this stage, the customer was very happy. None of the family could hear any conversation downstairs. We didn’t know that the TV had been on very loud after we finished sanding so the insulation worked because we couldn’t hear it!

We applied Pallmann Hard Wax Oil as a sample. The client liked the colour and finish it gave to the pine floor. We rolled two coats of Hard Wax Oil to the floor after allowing the correct drying times between coats.


Pallmann neutral cleaner was given to the client to use and we discussed maintaining the floor in the future and look forward to returning.


The client was so happy all the way through the process. Total restoration of original boards and installation of noise insulation beneath the boards which she wasn’t sure could be done. Thanked us very much for our hard work and we have been asked to restore the reception area downstairs.

Floorboards ready to have insulation put in Insulation under the floorboards Finished floor after insulation was fitted under the floorboards Sanding after insulation was fitted