Gold Parquet – We strike gold, Pall-X 98 Gold that is!

The client’s aim was to lovingly restore a beautiful old Oak Parquet floor back to its former glory using our help & expertise.

Difficulties to overcome:

There were quite a few loose tiles that required attention first. Also, the noses of the steps had become worn & loose too & required refixing.

Work required – carried out:

Our Dust Free specialist sanding equipment helped us to remove layers of old seal & deeper scratches and scuffs; we also filled gaps in the tiles to blend the overall look of the floors. Once the floors were clean & dust-free, we proceeded to protect the floors with Durable PALLMANN 98 GOLD LACQUER.


Many people are not aware of the dangers of sanding dust (please use appropriate personal protection equipment), eg. we are lead to believe that some of the old bitumen type floor seals may contain asbestos particles! So please be aware!


The client was very happy & delighted with the results. They have recommended us to carry out some more work for their friends.


Ultimate Parquet Floor Darlington