This is a quick overview of our parquet floor restoration in Kent by our local provider.

Work Requirement

The floor had been installed by the owner about eight years ago and oiled but he was now unhappy with the wear of the finish as it was flat and patchy in places so asked the team at The Rolin Group to help.

Work Activity 

There were no repairs to be carried out prior to sanding and the wood was in good condition overall. 

We vacuumed the floor to remove any debris that might scratch the floor whilst sanding and to also help prevent any damage it may cause to our machinery.

We choose to use our Pallmann Spider rotary machine and 40 grit sanding discs, to begin with – this was the correct grit to begin with because the wood had a tough polyurethane finish which we had to make sure was 100% off.

Once the finish had been completely taken off and vacuumed, we went onto 60 and 80 grits to take out any scratches left by the previous grits and we were left with a clean, smooth wood floor.

After each sand, it’s always important to vacuum thoroughly before the next one.

The room was being decorated so there were no radiators on walls, no furniture, etc… but the edges were sanded with an edger, and corners were scraped by hand.

After a vacuum, 100 multi-hole grit, and a final vacuum over the floors, it was now time to apply two coats of Pallmann Magic Oil.


This parquet floor restoration in Kent was a fairly easy job with very satisfying results.

The client was on site at all times and watched the progression of his restoration, we discussed how to look after the newly finished floors and supplied a Spray and Go cleaning system as well.


The customer had sanded the floor once before a few years ago and was happy that we got out the drum marks he had left using his hired belt sander and he also liked the Magic Oil finish too.

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