Beware of the builder who says I can do that for you! I’ve said it before and it’s true. Anyone can sand a timber floor and get a result. But to get that professional finish takes training, experience, and the correct equipment, as I saw again recently with a parquet floor restoration in Bath.

As a timber floor sanding professional I see many cases of DIY timber floor sanding that have gone wrong. In most cases, it’s the sanding that people find difficult because they may not understand how to sand a floor or how to use the hired equipment properly to get an acceptable finish. That’s understandable though because most people have no DIY experience, let alone sanding an entire wood floor. But if your builder said to you “I can restore your parquet floor”, you would probably say “ok go ahead”, after all, he’s a builder and should know all there is to know about timber floor sanding right?

No, not always.

Parquet Floor Restoration in Bath – Beware the Builder

We were called by a family in Bath to look at a timber floor in their small hall. They had been doing some renovation work at the house and the builder had done a fantastic job of the kitchen. Unfortunately, he then had a go at sanding the parquet floor with his small belt sander. This created a lot of dust and left scratch marks on the wood floor. He then finished the floor with a product from a local DIY shop. As he is not an expert he didn’t realise it was not suitable for the species of timber and did nothing accept accentuate the poor sanding (see photo).


Paquest floor restoration Bath - before

Parquet floor restoration Bath – before

When the owner returned from their holiday they were less than impressed with the results, so they called us to complete this parquet floor restoration in Bath.

Parquet Floor Restoration in Bath – What we did

We sanded the floor back to bare timber, removing all of the finish the builder had applied. This gave us a platform from which we could work. Then using our dust free floor sanding machines we finely sanded the floor to make it ready for the application of oil. The customer is very conscious of the environment so the hard wearing Pallmann Magic Oil was a great choice as it is a natural product that also looks fantastic. It accentuates all of the characteristics of the parquet floor while protecting the surface at the same time. The work was finished on time and the customer was very happy with the finished result. We even fitted a new complimentary door matt! What do you think of the final result?


parquet floor restoration Bath - afterFloor sanding is a skill. Using the machines correctly and understanding how different finishes work takes years and even the most experienced professional will learn something new every day.

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