Parquet Wood Floor Restoration and Repair.

Work Requirement

Our client had completely renovated their house, and the last room to do was the living room – they had removed the parquet wood flooring around the edges to install central heating and pipes and now wanted them not only replaced but diagonal into the wall before the skirting was replaced rather than parallel as before

Work Activity

The work started by making good the subflooring so that it could receive the parquet wooden blocks
Once this had been done, the client had asked if a threshold could be installed using the parquet wooden blocks that would be the only place in the room where the blocks ran parallel to the double doors leading to the conservatory
This was installed and sanded down to the same level as the rest of the floor

The whole room had the wooden blocks glued into place so that they run into the wall – this took some time to get the edges correct before moving on with the sanding.

The next day, we were satisfied that the floor was now ready to be sanded.

We used the Pallmann Spider rotary machine with a three plate planetary disc holder which we put 40 grit sanding discs, to begin with

We used a Pallmann Gecko machine to sand all of the edges and the threshold in front of the conservatory doors.

The wooden floor and edges were sanded from forty grit, sixty grit and ended the sanding process with both machines on an eighty grit.

The Pallmann Spider was now used all around the floor with a one hundred grit multi-hole sanding disc to leave the wood with a really good smooth finish.

We were now ready to apply Pallmann magic oil which we doubled the hardener in because of the busy area and also a very lively dog was in and out all of the time!!
We applied two coats of the oil which left the floor looking good.


The client was present all the way through the process and couldn’t believe the way the wood floor restored, and she finally had the edges installed exactly the way she always wanted
We left a Pallmann Clean and Go cleaning system and explained the procedure of using it and also discussed maintenance through the year by us returning to carry any work needed doing


The client was so happy with the work overall and didn’t realise that the floor could or would look this good as well as the edging and threshold looking flat and smooth – satisfied that it was dust free throughout the whole restoration and would call us back when needed.