Pine Floor Restoration Fir Tree, County Durham by Absolutely Floor Restore

Aim of Job:

Pine floor restoration of a kitchen and utility room. The client needed a quick turnaround on this work as they were imminently expecting their first child!


Difficulties Overcome:

We removed kickboards from the kitchen area to ensure that there was no risk of sanding up against them.

Other workmen were on site so we liaised with them in a friendly manner to ensure work was carried out effectively and productively.

The weather (snow) had delayed us a few days which added to the time pressure to get the job completed and dried in good time.

Previously the floor had been sanded by another party, unfortunately they had sanded across the grain and removed quite a lot of extra material. Thus weakening the structure of the boards and leaving unsightly cross cut lines in the floor. We overcame this using our specialist, dust free rotary sanding machine, the Spider!

Work Carried Out:

Gaps scraped, vacuumed and filled. By using filler between the gaps in the boards we helped bring back some additional stability to the floor.

Dust free sanded, edged and corner sanded until the surface was fully prepared for hard wax oiling.

First coat of oil finished with an additional top coat of protective oil once this was dry.


TIP: If the floor you are working on is really flexible, you need to consider the use of hard wax oil rather than using lacquer. This is because an unstable floor can result in too much movement in the floor that can undermine the adhesion of the lacquer! Hard wax oil can cope with bigger flexibility in movement.



The client returned home from work took one look and exclaimed, “Is that really my floor”. This is a common response that we hear from customers.

Our customer could not believe how good the result was and didn’t imagine that it was possible.



Some people believe that new/replacement is the only option and that their floor is ‘beyond restoration’. This isn’t true in most cases!!

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