Grade 2 Listed Pine Floor Restoration Project

Work Requirement – 
We were approached to restore pine floors located in three bedrooms of a grade 2 listed house dating back to the 1800’s.
The client wanted boards replaced, the colour white added and then a finish applied
Work Activity – 
The floor in the main bedroom had a hole at the side of one board, the board just inside the doorway was split and we had also noticed treated wood worm damage
I had to visit a local reclaimed yard to source a 220cm width board – there were plenty of smaller sizes and just ONE board that I needed
Back to the job and the existing boards were removed and replaced immediately
I started sanding with a Pallmann Spider but due to the excessive uneveness of the old boards, the Spider struggled to deal with it
I had to get the Pallmann Viper out which made the job much easier and better all round and did all of the floor sanding with an edger completed the sides of the rooms
At this stage, the client was really happy with how the floor was beginning to look
We applied Pallmann white 333 colour to all three rooms which made the pine floor look really good
We returned the next day and applied two coats of Pallmann Pure to all of the rooms which just gave it a nice sheen
Conclusion – 
A Pallmann Clean and Go system was given to the client and additional neutral clean was purchased as well – we will return to carry out maintenance work and we have been asked to restore the living room, dining room and hallway
Testimonial – 
I received a message from the client after returning from working in London to say – “ Wow, wow, wow, the floors look so lovely, thank you so much to both of you, you have made me one very happy lady”
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