We were asked by a school in Keynsham near Bristol to tender for the complete restoration of a school hall floor. We were delighted to win the contract and proceed with what was an extremely environmentally conscious restoration. The school are very concerned about the environment and the children in their care and this is why we won the contract, we offered something different.

This is a multi-use space with games, drama and lunch to name a few things all happening in there all day every day. It was important that the timber floor (which was maple wood) was protected to a high level, easy to maintain and safe for the environment.


Restoration of a school hall floor – Environmentally friendly solution.

We listened to the school and recommended a product called Magic oil for the restoration of the school hall floor, magic oil is manufactured by Pallmann. Magic oil is a wax oil combination, which protects the wood from the inside and leaves a very hard protective barrier on the surface of the wood – ideal for a school hall.

The work was completed over two days and the newly restored floor was back in use the following day thanks to the fast drying time of Magic oil.

In the future, it will be very easy to “top up” the Magic oil as required. This will add to the protective coating and will eliminate the need for frequent sanding. The school are very happy with the new school hall floor and even happier that we have protected the environment and the children.

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This article was written by Adrian from Floor Blimey Bristol. Find out about his commercial floor sanding expertise on his website or view his profile on The Ultimate Floor Sanding Company website.