Work Requirement:

Wood floor repair and restoration to a ten-year-old engineered floor in a church. The floor required urgent maintenance due to a VIP visit. Completing the job over four nights was necessary.

Work Activity:

The repairs consisted of two holes around two inches each in two different boards used for microphone wiring.

We removed some existing boards from an area behind a permanent screen, and after cutting out, the damaged ones replaced the boards before the first sanding.

We then used the damaged boards as demonstration pieces to show the client how the Pall X Alllbase and Pall X 98 Gold would look on the floor.

The condition of the floor was severely scratched with stiletto heel marks and dirty all over.

We used the Pallmann Spider to sand the floor and Rotex for the edges.

Once the sanding was completed, the colour and finish had to be approved by the officials who were visiting from the USA before we commenced with the application.

After several meetings and phone calls, we gain agreement on the colour and finish. Important it was right for the VIP visit!

Pall X Allbase was applied which gave the wood its colour, and we followed this up with Pall X 98 Gold which gave the semi-gloss finish requested.

A maintenance programme has been set the client to keep the floor looking great at all times throughout the year. We look forward to returning.

We received a message from the officials saying “the floor looked amazing” and thanked us for the hard work.

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