Our floor sanding experts follow the Pallmann 5 step process to ensure your floor is sanded and finished to the highest standards. This is the five step floor sanding process that underpins the our two-year guarantee. The 5 step process has been developed over many years by the Pallmann wood flooring experts in Germany, in conjunction with experienced floor sanding professionals from the Ultimate Floor Sanding Network.  The process brings Pallmann technology and years of practical experience together into one ultimate system for sanding and finishing floors to a beautiful finish every time!

Our team of floor sanding experts always recommend Pallmann products – from the floor sanding machines themselves to the preparation and finishing products. Pallmann is a German manufacturing company who specialize in wood floor care and maintenance products. They’ve been manufacturing for over 100 years so they really know what they are talking about.  That’s why were are delighted to develop the Pallmann floor sanding process with them.

Pallmann Floor Sanding Process – A 5 Step Guide

The Pallmann 5 step process is outlined in greater detail in the Pallmann floor sanding guide:

  1. Assessment
  2. Preparation
  3. Sanding the floor to a consistent and level appearance
  4. Ready for Filling
  5. Ready for Coating


Your authorised affiliate of the Ultimate Floor Sanding Company will follow this process and leave you with a beautiful looking floor or your money back.  We want to share this information with you so that our customers have a better idea of what’s involved in professionally sanding and finishing a wood floor.

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