When Steven of Squirrel Property Services was asked to look at and quote for a wooden floor refurbishment, he wasn’t quite sure what he’d find.

The Job

The customer, who has lived in their property for 18 months, wanted to refresh and refurbish their wooden floor. Upon visiting the property we found that the previous owner had attempted to sand the floor himself by renting a HT8 Drum Sander. This DIY job had left at least 3 dozen drum marks and he had also used a dark stain to attempt to cover disguise the mess. The edges had also been badly damaged by the rental edging machine.

I got to work sanding and then refinishing the floor with Pallmann Magic Oil, and the customer was very happy with the result.

“Thanks a lot Steven, the living room looks amazing.”

Before contacting me the customer had considered a new floor, but someone at his work recommended me and we managed to save and bring his floor back to life.