The Bell Barn is a stunning location for weddings and events. The oak flooring was in need of restoration, but it needed to be done carefully so as not to damage any other aspects or elements that make up this iconic venue!
It’s amazing what Mike did with his team at Absolutely Floor Restore. Restoring those floors took precision workmanship plus creativity because there are dozens of difficulties to overcome within each board depending on how old they were when you’re restoring them; then we had all sorts of crazy things happening like moisture intrusion due too changes occurring over time…but anyway

Work Carried Out

In order to give the floor a new lease of life, we employed our dust-free specialist sanding equipment and removed any deep scratches or scuffs from its surface. Once this was done it became protected with 2 coats of Pall-X 98 Gold lacquer from Pallmann.

The satisfied owner even allowed them time off work just so they could watch us apply another coat of Pallmann Finish Care in order to protect against possible stains caused by spills/ accidents


A full, consistent vacuuming of the area after every area is essential between grits. This removes any rougher sanding grit and debris.


The client was delighted and has since given us a further three floors to restore.