The clients aim was to restore The Bell Barn, their wedding venue oak floor. This was part of a major on going investment in refurbishment of the complex.

Difficulties to overcome
Removal of deep scratches in well worn areas.

Work Carried Out
Removal of all debris and dirt, using the DC1800 & Vacuum Pipe.
Using the Pallmann Spider and our dust free specialist sanding equipment, we removed the old layers of lacquer and all deep scratches and scuffs.
Once the floor was fully sanded and dust free, we protected it using Pallmann 98 Gold Lacquer.
The customer allowed a full week of drying before we added an additional coat of protection with Pallmann Finish Care.

A full, consistent vacuuming of the area after every area is essential between grits. This removes any rougher sanding grit and debris.

The client was delighted and has since given us a further three floors to restore.