Wood Floor Sanding under the carpet in Cornwall

A builder asked Mike of Cornwall Floorcare whether anything could be done to save the floor they had found hiding underneath the old carpet. Take a look at the answer and the work completed by Mike.

I took one look at the floor and told the builder that I could make the floor look amazing in 2 days without creating any dust or mess. So obviously he said get cracking!

wood floor under the carpet wooden floor under the carpet hard floor under the carpet

I sanded and oiled the floor using Pallmann products, and as you can see from the results the change shows it really is worth checking out what lies beneath.

wood floor sanding processfinishing wood floorsrestored wood floor found under the carpet

We are also returning to the property to make all the customer’s oak thresholds white, as they have brushed oiled floors throughout the downstairs of the property.


So the moral of the story is, simply don’t discard an old, tired-looking wooden floor. Seek an expert’s advice and you could have a beautifully restored wooden floor for years to come.

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