Dance Floor Sanding Work Requirement 

An engineered wood dance floor in the main Suite of the Metropolitan Police Sports Club hired out for weddings, social functions and Sunday lunches each week etc… was in need of restoration – the floor required urgent maintenance due to the beginning of a very busy wedding season coming up.

Work Activity

No repairs were required but it did need a good sanding and re-oiling.
We began by using the Pallmann Spider with 40 grit sanding discs, which worked very well over the whole floor, removed the scratches, dirt, and stiletto heel marks with ease, and teamed this up with dust control vacuum system alongside a  dust separator.
We sanded the edges using the Pallmann Flex edging machine and various discs from coarse to fine.
After each sanding step, we vacuumed the floor and carried on with the sanding discs from 40 to 80 grit and then finished with a 100 grit multi-hole disc to give the floor a nice fine smooth finish before applying the oil.

Finishing Dance Floor Sanding Project

Both sides discussed what type of finish would be good for this newly sanded floor and went with Pallmann Magic oil Ergo. We applied it with a Vileda rubber blade attached to a metal handle. We did it standing up rather than kneeling and using a Pallmann wood floor oil application tool. In this case, was brilliant because of the size of the wood floor we were about to oil.
Pallmann Magic Oil Ergo is a very hard-wearing finish especially good for commercial premises.
Once we had prepared the Magic Oil Ergo, it was time to apply it using the rubber blade system
The Ergo went on very well and the wood floor started to look very good.
We decided that although only one coat of magic oil Ergo was required, another coat would be a good idea. Pallmann Spider with a brown pad and a small amount of oil did the job. We burnished in with the Spider and pad system. It also helped to take out any marks on the floor left from the application.
After around twenty minutes, we used a white pad to burnish the whole wooden floor as a final buff taking out any excess of oil.


We spoke to the management of the sports club regarding the maintenance of the wood floor considering its almost constant use and a programme was set up by us and also a Pallmann Clean and Go system along with a bottle of Pallmann Neutral wood floor cleaner for them to use with the system.


The Management team later contacted us saying that the wood floor looked excellent. After we had restored it which hadn’t been done in fifteen years or more. The wedding parties were going to be extremely pleased with the new look wooden floor for themselves and their guests.