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Floor Sanders Cheshire. Are you looking for a professional wood floor sanding service in Cheshire?

You need a company you can trust, providing you with complete quality and customer service. Nu-Life has been offering professional wood floor sanding services since 1981 and is now part of The Ultimate Floor Sanding Group which together are the industry experts in wood floor sanding. We strive to provide the best wood floor sanding Cheshire has to offer.

The Company

From the moment you meet the Nu-Life team, you’ll feel comforted by our respect for you and your property. We are always polite and we enjoy providing services to our customers. Our technicians are trained to an international standard, ensuring the results we establish are second to none.

We have provided our services to over 36,000 customers, domestic and commercial, so we’ve experienced pretty much all there is to experience, and have built up the knowledge necessary to bring out maximum results on all different kinds of flooring.

We are also an ISO Quality Accredited Company, giving you confidence that the services we provide are completely professional. We’ve worked in prestigious hotels and listed buildings, as well as in the homes of TV personalities, Hollywood stars, and professional footballers. Whatever state your floor is in, take us on – we love a challenge.

Our Wood Floor Sanding Services

It took a lot of time and experience, but Nu-Life has now proudly perfected our 10 Step Wood Floor Restoration Process. We provide an in-depth sanding treatment, ensuring all seals are deep, durable, and long-lasting.

Wood Floor Sanding, Restoration, and Refinishing Cheshire

The process is as follows:

Step 1 – Room Preparation Due to Health & Safety and insurance restrictions, we ask you to move all loose wires, furniture, and breakable items from the areas to be restored. On arrival, our craftsmen will lay protection on the flooring that is not being restored when entering or bringing equipment into your premises. This will be followed by protection of skirting boards and wall coverings using low-tack tape, waterproof plastic, and/or waxed paper. This will prevent the unlikely possibility of any overspray or damage to the surrounding areas.

Step 2 – Vacuum floor We then power vacuum the entire floor area using HEPA filtration vacuum cleaners. This will ensure the complete removal of loose dirt and dust. Apart from being more powerful than normal vacuum cleaners, HEPA filters are used to prevent any unwanted odors from being released into the room.

Step 3 – Dry Mop Dry mopping takes place in all areas with large 100% cotton mops to ensure any remaining soils are removed, and ready for sanding.

Step 4 – Sanding A professional-grade abrasive screen disc sanding machine is employed. The process is virtually dust free with no obnoxious odors. Our craftsmen carefully use an overlapping process to ensure the complete removal of any old seal coatings, dirt, and soil, leaving an extremely uniform finish in readiness for the next stage of the process.

Step 5 – Edges And Corners Here we use a specially designed machine which is used to ensure the correct blending of perimeter and main floor areas.

Step 6 – Making area dust free On completion of the sanding process, the team will sweep, vacuum and dust all areas to eliminate any remaining dust contamination in readiness for the next process of deep cleaning, prior to applying the all-important and stunning floor seal finishing treatments

Step 7 – Deep cleaning Using a soft cloth dampened with mineral spirits, we wipe clean the entire floor for more in-depth cleaning, removing any remaining dust contamination

Step 8 – Ventilate area We will then open all windows to ventilate the area and apply a selected seal finish product in an unobtrusive area to ensure color is to your satisfaction.

Step 9 – Wood product application As accredited Pallmann applicators we use the finest wood floor finishes available, and will carefully and delicately apply even coats of the selected wood floor finish using specialized rollers and edging brushes – we recommend and use the highest quality strengthening lacquer, which bonds to the wood floor finish creating an incredible protective finish, providing durability and ease of maintenance.

Step 10 – Final clean-down Once the restoration and finishing are complete we ensure your business or home is back to how it should be, our team carefully clean down all the areas we have worked in to ensure your satisfaction.

Why Us?

Nu-Life Floorcare is completely committed to customer satisfaction and maximum results. We revolve around you, ensuring you are completely happy with our services. In fact, we even offer a 100% money back guarantee. If you’re not completely satisfied with our work, we’ll return urgently and re-clean all the areas for free. If you’re still not 100% happy – You Don’t Pay!

Get in touch with us today for information on our wood floor sanding services in Cheshire! Call 0161 507 2413 to request a quote.

Very professional and lots of information. Of all the adverts in Yellow Pages, I am very happy I chose your company

Mrs Wymbs, Bollington Road, Macclesfield

Here is an example of a tired floor in South Manchester, which had been well worn – with glue from previous carpet fittings, and deep scratch marks. old varnish residue and general discoloration of the timber.   —   Just look how we were able to restore the floor…

Why You Should Choose The Ultimate Floor Sanding Company™ Process

  1. Dust Fee Systems
  1. Unique Processes
  1. Highly Professional Company
  1. Fantastic Results!
  1. Unique 5-Point Ultimate Guarantee
  1. Specialists in Floor Sanding and Refinishing

In short, we believe that we are the best quality dust-free floor sanding company in the UK.

For professional dust-free floor sanding in Manchester, both domestic and commercial – we are the ones to call!

Why Take A Risk With Your Home? Ask For FREE advice & quotation from The Ultimate Floor Sanding Company™.

We are the only professional, specialist Floor Sanding Company in the UK that backs up our service with a Unique 5 Point Guarantee. Our knowledge, equipment, and processes are unrivaled in the industry.

So if you just want the most beautiful looking wooden floors, without any worry call us now on 0161 507 2413 for your FREE quote and advice. …and Mike (or one of his team) to call you back within 24 hours.

Like to know more? Then why not have a look at these videos of recent jobs which go into more detail on the process we undertake…

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