Balancing Challenges and Solutions

Reviving Pubs' Wooden Floors

Wood floor restoration in pubs is no small feat. Balancing the need to stay open and minimize disruption is crucial. Yet, the technical challenges remain—lacquer’s curing time and susceptibility to alcohol exposure.


Efficient Solutions for Pubs' Wood Floors

As Europe’s largest floor sanding brand, we possess the tools, expertise, and dust-free machinery for swift and efficient work. Our tailored product solutions cater to the pub environment, ensuring quick reopening while maintaining your wooden floor’s protection.

The Ultimate Floor Sanding Advantage

With us, your pub’s wooden floors can be revitalized seamlessly, keeping your establishment inviting and your floors protected. Trust in our experience and innovative approach for exceptional results.


Sustaining Long-Term Elegance

Are you tired of your floors losing their lustre shortly after refinishing? Our rapid-curing, stunning products also offer simple and economical maintenance, ensuring minimized downtime and reduced future floor sanding expenses.