Efficient Maintenance for Every Floor Type

Tailored Care for Different Settings

Whether it’s a bustling pub, a busy hotel, or a cosy living room, floors demand care. The extent of care hinges on soiling and finish. Local Ultimate Floor Sanding contractors guide your routine cleaning and offer comprehensive processes to extend floor life.


Assessing Suitability and Condition

Before any action, a thorough floor assessment is essential. It confirms structural soundness and finish condition. Commercial spaces demand deep cleaning using rotary machines and scrubbing pads. Adapted processes depend on floor type: oiled, lacquered, or finished with Hard Wax Oil.

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Oiled Floor Maintenance

Thorough Cleaning and Re-Oiling

Once cleaned and dry, oiled floors often need no further treatment before re-oiling. Occasionally, gentle abrasion may be required to facilitate oil penetration into the wood. For bare wood patches, a base coat of oil is applied. Generally, a single coat of oil, applied with a rotary machine, rejuvenates the floor. After application, gentle buffing with a soft white pad yields a natural sheen.

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Quality Matters: Pallmann Magic Oil

We exclusively use Pallmann Magic Oil, a robust, chemically resistant two-component product. Unlike cheaper single-pack oils, these oils cure properly and offer excellent water and chemical resistance.


Color Harmony Over Time

Abrasions may lead to slight colour differences, but exposure to sunlight gradually harmonizes the affected wood with the rest of the floor, ensuring a consistent and appealing look.