Sports Hall Lining

Expert Sanding and Line Refinishing

Is your sports hall losing its shine and safety? Our expertise in sports hall restoration ensures a refreshed look and improved slip resistance. Equipped with state-of-the-art dust-free machines and premium lacquers, we bring your flooring up to BS, EN, and DIN standards, enhancing both aesthetics and safety.

Assessment and Preparations

Evaluating Your Sports Hall's Condition

Our local Ultimate Floor Sanding Affiliate will assess your sports hall’s condition, not only its finish but also its structural integrity. They’ll determine if repairs are needed, checking moisture, temperature, and humidity levels to ensure optimal conditions for finishing. This careful evaluation sets the foundation for a lasting result.

Maintaining Contamination-Free Surfaces

Once you accept our quotation, our team will take responsibility for your floor. To prevent future issues, a contamination-free environment is essential. During the refinishing process, keeping the sports floor unused is crucial to avoid potential complications arising from even minor contamination.

Bringing Your Floor Back to Life

Utilizing state-of-the-art dust-free equipment, we’ll sand the floor and apply a coat of primer, allowing it to dry thoroughly. Next, the initial lacquer coat will be applied. After gentle abrading, sports line markings will be added, followed by two more lacquer coats. This meticulous process restores your sports hall floor to its prime.

Floor sanding warrantee

Locked-In Markings and Maintenance

We ensure durability by embedding markings beneath two protective lacquer coats, avoiding line marking tape. Your local contractor will guide you on essential floor maintenance to uphold slip resistance after the project’s completion.

Further Resources and Support

For comprehensive insights into indoor sports flooring, explore Sport England’s informative guide via this link. To delve deeper into the sanding process for your sports floor contact us at 03300 272324