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Wood Floor Staining

Achieving a Flawless Finish and Colour Harmony

Wood floor stains were traditionally utilized as both a base coat and to seal porous species like oak or ash, providing a smoother finish. Although modern finishes typically don’t need sealers, stains remain valuable for evening-out colour inconsistencies. Often, a layer of stain can replace the initial finish coat.

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Types of Wood Stains

A Spectrum of Possibilities

Stains are categorized based on two factors: the tinting medium and the carrying medium (vehicle). Typically, stains derive their colour from dyes, pigments, or a blend of both. In dye stains, the colour is dissolved in the vehicle, permeating the wood grain and being absorbed by it.

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Differences Explained

Pigmented stains disperse and suspend pigments without colouring the wood grain. Unlike dyes, they have lower adhesion and require more intricate handling. Finishes applied over pigmented stains are less durable due to reduced absorption and adhesion compared to dye stains.