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Wood Floor Finishes

Selecting Suitable Wood Floor Finishes

When refinishing your floor, the choice of wood floor finishes is crucial. It’s essential to consider the specific wood type, colour, and environment in your home. Not all products are suitable for every floor. Our local manager can provide FREE advice tailored to your individual needs.

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Achieving a Beautiful and Durable Finish

Choosing the correct finishing products ensures a beautiful, hard-wearing, and long-lasting finish for your floor. Using the wrong wood floor finishes can lead to subpar results and a shorter lifespan. Trust our expertise to guide you towards the ideal product for your flooring project.

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Factors Influencing Finish Selection

Several factors play a role in deciding which finish to use. Firstly, consider your preferred style: a glossy or natural-looking finish. Secondly, evaluate the floor’s expected traffic levels to determine the appropriate durability. Lastly, consider maintenance requirements. How important is low maintenance to you?

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Oil or Lacquer?

There are two main options when it comes to wood flooring finishes.  Firstly there’s lacquer, which is a durable, low maintenance option but can be prone to scratching. Secondly, there’s oil which is slightly less durable but easier to repair if the floor starts to look a bit tired or scratched.

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Wood Floor Lacquers

Surface vs. Penetration

Lacquers sit on top of the wood, resulting in a more obvious appearance. This characteristic makes lacquer prone to wear and tear in high-traffic areas. As traffic passes over the floor, the lacquer becomes worn and scratches appear on the surface.

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Addressing Wear and Tear

Unfortunately, the only solution for repairing worn lacquer and surface scratches is a complete floor re-sanding. This process involves sanding the entire floor and starting the finishing process anew.

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Explore Alternatives

For durable and long-lasting wood floor finishes, explore alternative options to lacquers. Trust our expertise to guide you towards the ideal finish for your floors, ensuring enhanced aesthetics and longevity. Contact us today for professional advice and solutions tailored to your specific needs.

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Wood Floor Oil

Low Build Up and Easy Repairs

Wood floor oil offers the advantage of a low build-up and a low gloss finish, effectively camouflaging minor imperfections caused by everyday wear and tear. This results in a more natural and forgiving appearance for your floor.

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Simple Repairs and Stain Removal

Maintaining a wood floor finished with oil is effortless. Anytime your floor requires repair, a quick wipe of oil using a soft, dry, cotton cloth is all it takes. Stubborn stains can be easily scoured away, followed by re-oiling if necessary, restoring the floor’s beauty.

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Expert Guidance for the Perfect Finish

Let Us Help You

Discover the beauty and convenience of wood floor oil. Experience easy repairs, stain removal, and a natural aesthetic. Trust our experts to deliver the perfect finish for your wood floor. Call us today for a personalised consultation.