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Brushed and Oiled Flooring

The Misinformation Surrounding Brushed and Oiled Flooring

The demand for alternatives to plain plank flooring is strong, but many designer choices that look stunning in showrooms are impractical for real-world use. One increasingly popular alternative is brushed and oiled flooring. However, a lack of proper information online has made it difficult to understand this flooring style. Some suppliers intentionally confuse or mislead, while others lack knowledge.

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Understanding the Technique

Brushed and oiled flooring is most commonly associated with oak but can be achieved on any timber with a distinct and large grain pattern, including pine. The technique involves using brushes, often metal ones, to remove the softer grain of the wood, creating a textured surface. The degree of brushing determines the texture, making it ideal for achieving a worn or aged look.

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Breaking the Misconception

Contrary to misleading information, brushed and oiled flooring is not exclusively available on new semi-solid or engineered floors. The Ultimate Floor Sanding Company has developed a unique technique to create this look uniformly on existing wooden floors. While traditional floor sanding companies face challenges in achieving consistency, our specialised approach ensures stunning results.


The Ultimate Brushed and Oiled Technique

Our diamond based process can be tailored to create the look you want by using differing grits and when used in combination with “water popping” and staining a truly unique look and finish can be created for your home.