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Brushed and Oiled Flooring

There is always a strong demand for alternatives to plain plank flooring, but many of the choices made by designers look lovely in a showroom but are totally impractical in the real world. One of the alternatives showing increasing popularity is the brushed and oiled flooring look which is actually a very practical floor but a quick internet search shows a serious lack of proper information on what it actually is. As more and more wood floor suppliers fall over themselves to dominate the market they often either deliberately write confusing or misleading articles or do so out of ignorance.

So what is “brushed and oiled flooring?”

First off the term is most commonly applied to oak flooring although the look can be created on just about any timber with a definite, large, grain pattern, including pine. The technique involves using brushes (traditionally metal ones) to remove the softer grain of the wood creating a textured surface. The extent of the brushing dictates the degree of texture left behind and this method is excellent for creating a worn or aged look.

So far I have led you to believe this look is only available on new flooring and those internet searches I mentioned earlier show how suppliers will try to confuse you into thinking it is only available on semi-solid or engineered floors, after all, that’s what they want to sell. Happily, that isn’t the case and whilst it is difficult for traditional floor sanding companies to create this look uniformly across a wooden floor the Ultimate Floor Sanding Company has developed a unique technique that can be used on existing flooring.

The Ultimate Brushed and Oiled Technique

Our diamond based process can be tailored to create the look you want by using differing grits and when used in combination with “water popping” and staining a truly unique look and finish can be created for your home.

If you are interested in creating something special with your floor check out your local Ultimate Floor Sanding Affiliate or contact us on 0161 507 2413

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  • The Old Methodist Chapel, Flash, Buxton

    Cheshire Floors (and Stuart) were great for us. We have an old converted Chapel which was in dire need of some help with regard to the 200 year old pitch pine floors which are beautiful but were in need of some serious cleaning after years of wear and recent renovation...

    Catherine and Toby Stuart-Jervis

    I am delighted with the work completed

    When it came to restoring the parquet floors we were only ever going to engage the services of a professional – and I’m SO pleased that we chose Johnny and his team...

    Nathan Kelsey

    Such excellent service!

    Such excellent service! Our floors are back to their former glory after messy dogs and years of use. Thank you to the team for always staying in contact, giving great advice and getting the job done in the allocated time! I couldn't recommend them more highly!

    Amanda Claassen

    The floor was transformed

    “Deep scratches were successfully removed and the floor was transformed from a tatty scratched floor, to an amazing finished floor that looks brand new. Outstanding.” Oak wooden floor stripped, sealed and re-lacquered.

    F Jones, Kingston Upon Thames