Sanding Process

Expert Floor Repair Services

Restoring Your Floors to Perfection

From hidden hardwood treasures to neglected parquet floors, our team specializes in top-notch repair services. With skill and knowledge, we fix damaged boards, address structural issues, and restore your floors to their former glory. Trust us to breathe new life into your flooring with a flawless finish.

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Professional Floor Restoration

Rejuvenating the Timeless Beauty of Your Floors

Our team excels in floor restoration, reviving the allure of hardwood and parquet. With meticulous craftsmanship, we rejuvenate dull hardwood and give careful attention to worn parquet. Beyond repairs, we restore original charm and elegance, creating stunning masterpieces that impress for years to come.

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Wood Floor Filling

Expert Solutions for Blemishes and Gaps

Wood floor filling encompasses two main categories: addressing minor blemishes like nail holes, shakes, and cracks, and filling shrinkage gaps common in wood block or parquet floors. Our team of experts is uniquely qualified to handle both scenarios with specialized techniques and knowledge. Trust us for comprehensive solutions to restore the beauty of your wood floors.

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Seamless Floorboard Repairs

Replacing Damaged Boards

For flawless floorboard repairs, we specialize in replacing damaged boards with carefully sourced reclaimed timber of similar age. Our skilled team ensures a seamless integration, preserving the overall look and character of your flooring. Trust us for expert repairs that blend seamlessly with your existing floor.

Gap Filling with Wooden Slivers

Restoring Floor Integrity

When it comes to addressing gaps between floorboards, our meticulous approach involves filling them with wooden slivers. These slivers seamlessly integrate, ensuring structural stability and preserving the floor’s aesthetic appeal. Trust our precision craftsmanship to restore your floors to their original splendour.

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Efficient Hearth Removal

Transforming Your Space with Expertise

If you’re looking to revamp your living area or create a more spacious environment, our team specializes in efficient hearth removal services. Whether it’s a traditional fireplace or an outdated structure, we skillfully remove the hearth, leaving no trace behind. Trust our expertise to transform your space and unlock its full potential.