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Prolonging the Life of Your Floors

Expert Advice and Deep Cleaning

Maintaining wood floors is essential, whether in a greasy pub, busy hotel reception, or your own living room. The level of maintenance required depends on the degree of soiling and the type of finish. Discover how our affordable maintenance services can revitalize your floors without the need for expensive re-sanding.

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Assessment and Tailored Solutions

Optimal Results

Our professional Ultimate Floor Sanding contractors begin with a thorough assessment of your floor to determine its condition and the suitability of the existing finish. This ensures that the maintenance process is tailored to your specific needs, guaranteeing the best results possible.

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Deep Cleaning for Commercial Establishments

For commercial establishments, our maintenance process starts with a comprehensive deep clean using heavy rotary cleaning machines and effective scrubbing pads. This step is crucial to remove deep-seated dirt and grime, providing a clean canvas for further treatment.

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Customised Treatment for Different Finishes

Whether you have an oiled floor, a lacquered floor, or one finished in Hard Wax Oil, we have the expertise to provide the appropriate treatment. Our skilled professionals will apply the necessary techniques and products to restore and protect your specific floor finish, ensuring its longevity.

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Love your Floor

It Will Love You Back

By entrusting your wood floor maintenance to our experienced team, you can enjoy the beauty and durability of your floors for years to come. Contact us today for expert advice and tailored solutions that will transform your floors without breaking the bank.

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Oiled Floor Maintenance:

Restoring and Enhancing the Beauty

Once your oiled floor has been thoroughly cleaned and dried, it is typically ready for re-oiling without additional treatment. However, in some cases, the floor may require abrasion to allow the oil to penetrate deeply into the wood. Patchy bare wood areas may need a small amount of oil applied as a base coat.

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Rejuvenation with High-Quality Oil

At Ultimate Floor Sanding, we exclusively use Pallmann Magic Oil, a premium two-component product known for its exceptional durability and chemical resistance. Unlike cheaper single-pack oils, our chosen oil cures effectively and provides excellent water and chemical resistance for long-lasting results.

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Professional Application and Stunning Finish

To bring your floor back to life, our skilled team applies one coat of oil using a rotary machine. This process is usually sufficient to achieve the desired outcome. Shortly after application, we buff the floor with a soft white pad, creating a natural-looking sheen that enhances the floor’s beauty.

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Harmonizing Color Discrepancies

In cases where abrasion was necessary, there may be slight colour discrepancies on the floor. However, exposure to sunlight over time will help harmonise the coloir, blending the previously exposed wood with the rest of the floor seamlessly.

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Let Us Help You with Your Oiled Floors

For expert oiled floor maintenance services, trust our experienced professionals at Ultimate Floor Sanding. Restore and enhance the natural beauty of your floor with our premium products and skilled techniques. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and bring new life to your oiled floor.

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Lacquered Floor Maintenance

Restoring and Protecting the Finish

Maintaining lacquered floors requires careful consideration, especially when the finish has worn down to expose the wood. In such cases, a full re-sanding is often the only solution. However, depending on your budget and the floor’s condition, there are alternative options available.

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Applying Acrylic Seal

For an aesthetic improvement, two or three coats of acrylic seal can be applied after cleaning. This process restores the sheen level and enhances the overall appearance of the floor. It’s important to note that acrylic seals do not offer the same level of durability as lacquers.

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Bonding Agent and Fresh Lacquer

After thorough cleaning, a bonding agent is applied to facilitate adhesion of a fresh coat of lacquer to the original surface. Once the bonding agent has dried, one or two coats of the appropriate lacquer are applied. The resulting finish is highly durable, providing long-lasting protection.

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Clean, Screen, and Re-coat vs. Bonding Agent

Some companies offer a clean, screen, and re-coat service, which is more cost-effective than using a bonding agent. However, this method carries a risk of adhesion failure between the original finish and the fresh lacquer. In contrast, bonding agents virtually guarantee a successful adhesion process, and we have never experienced a failure using this approach. If you opt for the cheaper option, you may be asked to sign a disclaimer.

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Ensure the longevity and beauty of your lacquered floor with our professional maintenance services. Contact us today to discuss the best course of action for restoring and protecting your lacquered floor finish.

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Hardwax Oiled Floor Maintenance

Versatile Benefits of Hardwax Oils

Hardwax oils offer the advantages of regular oils, allowing for patch repairs when needed. However, the application process is more akin to applying a lacquer, either by rolling or brushing. Consequently, the repair and maintenance of hardwax oiled floors combine elements from both oil and lacquer treatments.

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Thorough Cleaning and Assessment

Our maintenance process commences with a comprehensive cleaning of the floor, followed by a careful assessment of necessary repairs. Like oil treatments, any areas that have worn through will be lightly abraded to facilitate oil penetration. A single coat will be applied to these specific areas.

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Application of Additional Coat

After the initial coat has dried (hardwax oils often have a slow drying time), an additional layer will be rolled or brushed across the entire floor. This step ensures an even sheen level once the floor is fully dry, enhancing its overall appearance and protection.

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For professional hardwax oiled floor maintenance, trust our experts at Ultimate Floor Sanding. We employ tailored cleaning and repair techniques to preserve and restore the beauty of your hardwax oiled floors. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and bring new life to your floors.