When to Restore Your Hard Floor

When Do You Need to Restore Your Hardwood Floors

Hardwood floors look beautiful, but they are worn out with time like everything else. There are multiple reasons behind such damage, such as high traffic and exposure to water and sun.

You first need to understand the current condition of your floor to restore it. If it is too worn out, you might need sanding.

So, how to decide whether it needs restoration or not.

The Faded Look

There is nothing better than winter sun, but it can fade and discolour your beautiful hardwood floor like nothing else. So, if constant exposure to the sun has discoloured your floor near windows and doors, it is time to restore it, which will bring back its original colour.

Water Damages

water damaged wood floor

Constant exposure to water can also damage your hardwood floor. Water stains can make your floor look ugly. Wipe it off as soon as possible whenever there is a water spill.

Greying hardwood is another issue that homeowners often face. When the polyurethane wears off, the wood starts absorbing water due to multiple factors such as rain, spilled water/drinks, etc.

Beside accidental spills, plumbing leaks, and air-conditioning, your pets can also test your floor regularly. If you face any of these issues, renovation is the only solution. The stains can turn black over time if not treated, and then you may have to replace your floor altogether.

Splinter Problem

Ever feel painful splinters while walking on your floor? If you do, it means the sealant has been damaged, and the wood underneath needs renovation. However, your traditional methods will not do here, as they can only be restored by sanding and applying a new layer of sealant.

Scratches & Dents

The floor is exposed to multiple effects such as traffic, sun, water, etc. So, getting dents and scratches on it with time is inevitable. These scratches damage the upper coating and the sealing between the crevices.

Once that happens, more damage is inevitable as humidity now penetrates the floor even deeper. With such extensive damage, sanding is the only way to restore your beautiful floor.

The Cupping Issue

Cupping is the bending on the edges of the hardwood floor. Humidity is the usual culprit behind cupping and makes the floor look ugly. Sanding can resolve this issue but only to an extent. If a board is sticking up, you may need to replace it.

Nails Sticking Out of Your Wood Floors

Nails peeking out of your hardwood floor can become a nuisance for you and your family. Sometimes you will stub your toe, and sometimes your socks will snag into them. However, do not panic if only two or three nails stick out.

If there are many, it may be pointing towards a bigger problem of a damaged floor. In that case, you will be better off with a replacement.

So, now you can decide whether you should renovate your hardwood floor or not. You can go about this renovation in two ways. The first is to DIY, but you must have all the required equipment. However, you can bring someone experienced in hardwood restoration if you lack experience or motivation.

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